This new coin can still increase its price by 70 times

With Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, the pre-sale of another promising project started on October 10. With its innovative approach, the new Play-2-Earn game also wants to attract people who are more inclined towards traditional games to the crypto sector.

Besides the P2E version, the game can also be played for free, via mobile phone and without using cryptocurrencies. Could this approach be the next hit on the scene?

Today we will take a look at this new venture and examine why it could become as popular as the big gaming coins of the past.

Was ist Calvaria - Duels of Eternity

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new earn-to-play game that wants to introduce people to the crypto world in a gaming form. The game is a classic deck-building game and is based on collectible cards with which players can build their own army from different factions. This form of NFT collectible card game is very popular in GameFi and Metaverse.

Here is how the deck games work

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a classic deck game. This means: at the beginning, players receive a starter set of cards. Each card represents a specific character that is given different and unique abilities. Players can then use them to compete with each other.

After the starter set, additional cards can be exchanged, bought or won. In this way, players can gradually build an increasingly stronger deck. Players with the best strategic combination of cards have the highest chances of winning, but they must also react appropriately to the cards of other players.

So, Calvaria is a game that requires the right strategy and tactics along with a bit of luck.

Here is what awaits you in the world of Calvaria

The action of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity takes place in a post-apocalyptic afterlife heavily inspired by Mexican mythology. Here, three factions, Santa Muerte, Quetzalcoatl and the Void, fight for dominance over the afterlife.

At the beginning of the game, players choose one of these three factions and now try to wage wars for them. They can do this in single-player mode or against other players.

To do this, they create a deck of playing cards, each of which represents different characters with unique abilities. The game combines different characters in a popular way. From this, players develop their individual strategies.

Different game modes provide a variety

Players can decide whether they want to compete against the game's artificial intelligence in single-player mode or prefer to compete with other players in the player-versus-player version. In addition, there will be seasonal tournaments.

As always in P2E games, it is possible to qualify for rewards and, in this case, for in-game upgrades thanks to good performance.

The peculiarity of Calvaria: the game will be available for mobile phones in a free version that does not need the blockchain at all (free version). This is intended to introduce people to the topic of blockchain and P2E in a playful way. Calvaria would like to educate as well as attract people who would not otherwise invest in cryptocurrency.

The resources in the game can be bought on the integrated NFT marketplace or earned directly. Since they are in the form of NFTs, they are owned directly by the player and can also be traded afterward. And when you want to try something new, like online gambling, you can always choose the best crypto casino at

$RIA and $eRIA: everything about Calvaria tokens

In Calvaria: Duels of Eternity has two tokens, each with a different function. The $RIA token is used outside of the game to organize and structure the Calvaria ecosystem. This includes the following functions:

  • Governance token: The main purpose of $RIA is to preserve the Calvaria ecosystem and ensure its proper functioning.
  • Staking: Users can use the $RIA token for staking.
  • DAO voting: to be able to participate in voting and thus jointly control the DAO, $RIA holders must block a certain number of tokens through the staking pool.
  • NFT market: with the $RIA token, it is possible to purchase in-game resource upgrades such as maps, energy, new dekc, etc. on the in-game market.

Tournament rewards: although classic P2E rewards are paid in $eRIA, this is not the case for large tournaments. Here, the $RIA token is used instead.

The purpose of the $eRIA token is to use it as a means of payment in the game itself. Therefore, it can be used as follows:

  • P2E rewards: players receive their rewards in $eRIA and can then spend or withdraw them.
  • Upgrades: players can combine two of their game cards with the same level into a new card with a higher level. This upgrade is paid in $eRIA.
  • NFT Marketplace: purchases of in-game items are paid in $eRIA.

Skull Tokenomics

The total value of Ria tokens is $1 billion. Of this, 30% is available in the pre-sale. In addition, 25% is earmarked for the staking pool and 20% for the prize pool. The remaining 25% of the tokens are split into 8% for operations, 6% for the initial NFT offering (INO), 5% for the team, 4% for follow-on liquidity, and 2% for consultants.

The amounts are locked and released month by month for 5 years.

All facts about the presale on Calvaria

The pre-order of Calvaria: Battles of Eternity started on October 10 and is divided into 10 stages. The first and second stages were sold out in a very short time - now the third stage is about to end.

As in recent times, the coin on Calvary is getting more expensive with the start of each new pre-sale phase. Although it currently costs $0.02 per token, the price will increase with each subsequent phase as follows:

  • Phase 4: $0.025 per token
  • Phase 5: $0.030 per token
  • Phase 6: $0.035 per token
  • Phase 7: $0.040 per token
  • Phase 8: $0.045 per token
  • Phase 9: 0.050 USD per token
  • Phase 10: $0.055 per token

There are 30 million tokens available in each pre-sale phase.

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Buy Calvaria: Your step-by-step guide

Here you can learn how to best purchase your $RIA tokens.

Step 1: Connect your wallet: Use the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet to the Calvaria pre-sale page.

Step 2: Buy Calvaria tokens: then enter the desired amount of tokens in the input mask. The minimum amount available is 1000 USD. Use the "Confirm" button to complete the transaction.

Step 3: Redeem Calvaria tokens: you will receive the purchased $RIA tokens only after the pre-sale is completed. It is then done with just one click on the official pre-sale website.