How to earn free Bitcoin with Bitcoins43 Faucet rotator

To get free bitcoins you first need a bitcoin wallet and an address to receive the money. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet, please read this guide.
Once you got your bitcoin address, we suggest you to copy and save it in a safe place (e.g. in a .txt file created with notepad) so that you can easily copy and paste it when required. We suggest you to use always the same address while using Bitcoins43 surfer.

Also, as recently most of the sites that will give you free bitcoin are using and as payment gateways, we suggest you to link your wallet address to these payment gateways. To do this you can simply create an account at and at and follow the instructions to link your wallet address.

Now you can start to get free bitcoins following this simple procedure:

1. Click the “GET FREE BITCOINS NOW!” button on the homepage of

Bitcoins43 homepage

2. The surfer will open in a new window. The first site where you can get free bitcoins will load inside the surfer. Scroll down until you find the bitcoin address field and insert your bitcoin address.

Enter Bitcoin address

Sometimes you will see a different page like in the picture below asking you to open the faucet in a new window. In this case click on the “Click here” link and claim your free bitcoin as explained below from points 3 to 4, then close the opened window and go on as explained at point 5.

Bitcoins43 - Get free bitcoin now - Open faucet in new window

3. Enter your bitcoin address, then look for the field where you have to insert the “Captcha code”. This is a code reported in an image, usually above the field, that you must copy to prove that you are not a robot that automatically visit the site. Please, note that on some site this may not be present.

Enter captcha code

4. Once you inserted the Captcha code press “Enter” or click on the “Get Reward” (or “Request Bitcoin”, “Claim Reward” etc.) button.

Get Bitcoin button

5. A new page of the site (faucet) will appear showing you how many bitcoins, or satoshis (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC) you earned. You are now ready to visit the next site and earn more bitcoins. To do this click on the “Next Site” button of the surfer.

Next Site

6. A new site will open and you can repeat the procedure from point 2.

Have fun and earn lots of free bitcoins with




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