Referral Program

Do you want to get people surfing faucets and getting bitcoins for you? Are you tired of promoting all bitcoin faucets one by one to get referral earnings? Now you can build your own faucet rotator and get your friends and visitors of your site to earn money for you.

Most of the bitcoin faucets on Bitcoins43 rotator send bitcoin not only to the visitor but also to people who referred them. And with your own faucet surfer you will be the referrer.

Simply enter your wallet address in the form below and you will get the links of your own rotator and also the advertising material to promote it on your website.


Please, click here If you want to create a litecoin faucet rotator to earn free litecoin.

Please, read the following before using your own rotator:

  1. Referred people need to have cookies enabled to be yours for life. Please, beware that if they have already been referred to some of the faucets you won’t get referral rewards from those faucets.
  2. Some of the faucets in your rotator (about 10% of them) will not pay you because either they don’t have a referral program or they need a different way to refer people. We are still implementing this feature.
  3. DON’T SPAM to promote your rotator. If we receive spam complaints we will ban your wallet address from getting referral rewards from faucets and we will cooperate with anyone who wish to take legal action against you.


Earn free bitcoins every day