Payout percentages of legal bookmakers

Payout percentages of legal bookmakers

A survey by has provided a clear insight into the payout rates of the legal online casino. The research mainly focused on the live sports betting section. Some striking facts came out of the research, for example, and Jack's Casino Online turned out to be the best choice for Dutch players. However, the Belgian gaming provider Bingoal managed to present the best percentages in terms of pre-match betting.

The payout percentages are clearly indicated in the online casinos for almost all games. This is different from the bookies, as it cannot be predicted. It's all about the odds, or the player's chances of winning. For example, a soccer bet that is certain to go well features a payout percentage of 100%, which obviously will never happen in a sports game. This is mainly because the bookies collect a profit amount on each bet, called the margin. The margin is included in the odds. The research has shown which providers charge the lowest margin and end up paying out more money to the participants. This is a link to research.

Live betting at bookmakers

The research focused on about seven betting markets in eight different soccer leagues. The focus was on live betting and from this, the platform of the gaming company Kambi appears to score the best. The highest payout percentages are available at the legal bookmakers and Jack's Casino Online. Particularly striking is the high payout percentage for matches in the Premier League, or the highest soccer league in England. The payout percentage, in that case, amounts to 95.29% at the two Dutch gambling companies.

Average payout percentages at live betting:

Bet365: 93.40%
Jack's Casino Online: 94.05% 94.05
Holland Casino Online: 92.14
TOTO: 93.54
Bingoal: 92,35

Pre-match betting at the bookmakers

The focus of the survey was also on pre-match betting. In this case, we are talking about the bets placed before the starting signal. In most cases, the pre-match bets are already offered days and sometimes even weeks in advance. It is already possible to bet on the World Cup in Qatar at some bookmakers on this page. Research has shown that the Belgian bookmaker Bingoal charges the lowest margin on pre-match bets.

Average payout percentages on pre-match betting:

Bet365: 93.59%
Jack's Casino Online: 93.76% 93.76%
Holland Casino Online: 92.32%
TOTO: 94.11
Bingo: 94.57%