How to buy Bitcoin with Neteller and Skrill

Buying Bitcoin nowadays has become relatively simple. Contrary to years ago in which talking about the purchase of Bitcoin seemed to be an elitist, sectoral action (understood as a sect and not as a sector) and bordering on the legal, nowadays the purchase of Bitcoin has been cleared through customs, known and entered in everyday life within practically everyone's reach with Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoins can be purchased in cash, with card payments or through platforms. Let's take a look at all the methods in detail, and remember that we can also make Bitcoins a form of investment, in this case we will need an online trading platform on which to open an account and start investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins can then be purchased through an investment platform, where we will open an account, get verified and enter the market. We will be able to pay in different ways but always with electronic money (in this case our Bitcoins will be paid by a card, an electronic wallet (e.g. Neteller) or through another platform such as Skrill.

If we trade with Bitcoins we will earn on the sale mostly by exploiting the volatility of the price and in reality we will never own Bitcoin but simply exchange it.

Taking it for granted that you who are reading this know what a Bitcoin is, let's go specifically to see how and how many ways I have to buy this cryptocurrency, the most famous and the first issued on the market.

The possibility of buying Bitcoin as we said is really varied nowadays, but don't think you can buy this cryptocurrency at the newsstand next to your house. Buying Bitcoin is always and only possible online, given the nature of this currency and the transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

Buying Bitcoin is possible in several ways.

First of all through the exchange service called Exchange - these platforms allow you to pay with a bank transfer (even if the transaction will then be registered in your account in this way) or with a credit card or with systems such as Neteller and Skrill (which are preferred as they allow the transaction in real time practically).

Through the exchanges it is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies and other currencies (for example we can buy dollars or yen and the main world currencies) and it is possible to get in touch directly with other Bitcoin holders to make exchanges.

Very often the action of buying on these platforms is linked to the payment of very high commissions, so it would be good to get well informed first on the last pages of the purchase conditions on the site what we are going to run into in order not to find ourselves later with commission payments exorbitant.

We can also pay our Bitcoins with cash if the geolocation of our position is allowed and using LocalBitcoin – we do not recommend using it but if you are really afraid of scams this allows you to interact in person with another seller (or buyer). Nowadays exchanges are safe, so we prefer virtual and anonymous exchanges. Otherwise it makes no sense to buy Bitcoin and it would be enough to make any other purchase for investment.

The direct purchase platforms allow you to pay after registering with all virtual and electronic payment methods, we point out the Revolut app which allows you to buy and store Bitcoin through a simple app on your mobile phone. Convenient isn't it?