Benefits of playing at Bitcoin bookmakers

Bitcoin bookmakers have an advantage over traditional ones. Unlike traditional bookmakers, they have no overheads or hidden fees. They also offer higher welcome bonuses than traditional bookmakers. You can use bitcoin as your cash equivalent for sports betting. But if you're unsure about the risks and rewards of bitcoin betting, read on. You'll be glad you did. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of Bitcoin betting.

Bitcoin is the cash equivalent in Bitcoin bookmakers

As a player, you can deposit and withdraw your bets with bitcoin at This means that you can avoid additional fees associated with paying in fiat currency. The fact that bitcoin is not associated with any bank transaction makes bitcoin transactions faster and more convenient. Bitcoin bookmakers offer many benefits to bettors, including better limits and bonuses for deposits made using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin bookmakers are no longer a niche - they compete with traditional fiat bookmakers, including the biggest bonuses.

There are no hidden fees

One of the benefits of using Bitcoin as a funding method is the fact that it is 100% secure. Bitcoin transactions are securely encrypted, which means that the identity of the sender and recipient is never in doubt. You also never have to worry about bonus limits like with many other funding methods. Many UK bookmakers have restrictions on Neteller and Skrill bonuses, in part due to fraud. Bitcoin, however, is a newer cryptocurrency and you need to figure out what those limits are before you start playing with it.

No overhead

One of the most attractive aspects of Bitcoin is its anonymity. Every transaction made using a bitcoin address is recorded on the block chain. Therefore, no one can track your financial information or your transactions. This anonymity makes Bitcoin a great alternative to traditional betting shops. But before deciding to use Bitcoin for sports betting, it is important to consider the fees associated with this payment method. Bitcoin bookmakers may not charge fees depending on the exchange you use.

Welcome bonuses are higher than traditional bookmakers

One way to get more out of the welcome bonus is to play at a Bitcoin bookmakers. While welcome bonuses vary in value, they tend to be more generous than their traditional betting counterparts. For example, some bookmakers will give you hundreds of euros as a welcome bonus just for signing up! Others will require a large initial deposit, so it is best to bet on a smaller amount at a reputable bitcoin bookmaker.

There are some disadvantages

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is its speed. This can be done in minutes, while fiat transactions can take several hours. However, on busy days, this may take more than a few minutes. Withdrawals may take a few extra minutes, but that's nothing compared to the amount you'll have to wait in line. Some bookmakers may even process withdrawals manually, but this is a minor inconvenience.