Investing - definitions of stock business

Individuals, companies, or governments that control large amounts of money that they can lend or lend to individuals or organizations.

Finished products
Products ready for sale and/or use

Final download
A process in which a given amount of work is distributed to a work center, taking into account its capacity and processing time.

Fixed Fixed Price (FFP)
A type or variety of fixed price contract

Contracts with a fixed price are contracts in which there are no permissible changes in the built-in price. They are usually reserved for short-term programs.

The advantage of a pioneer is the advantage
that the first major player in a certain market segment has

Fiscal functions
Government functions related to money, such as revenues, budgets and taxes

Fit for purpose is the ability of a product or service to do what it was designed to do.

The Five Forces Framework
is a framework developed by Michael Porter and used to analyze the industrial environment.

Five rights To
ensure that the purchased goods and services are of the right quantity, the right quality, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.

The register
of fixed assets is a list of the current fixed assets of the organization, that is, machines, land, buildings.

Fixed assets
Tangible property owned by the company, which is used in its activities to generate income. It is expected that these assets or equipment will not be converted into cash within one year.

Fixed costs
Costs that must be paid regardless of the volume of the product or service produced, for example, rent and wages.

Fixed or tangible assets
Assets that cannot be easily converted into cash, such as fixed assets.

Fixed price
The price that does not change during the term of the contract.

Fixed-price Economic Price Adjustment (FPEPA)
is a type of contract under which the buyer pays the reseller a fixed price stipulated in the contract.

Fixed Price Promotion (FPI)
is a type of fixed price contract that allows you to adjust the price and profit.

Fixed working capital
The level of working capital, which has not fallen on any day of the fiscal year.

Fixed/Fixed Currency Swap
An agreement in which both parties exchange currencies and pay each other a fixed interest rate based on the principal amount

A fixed-price contract is a contract in
which the price remains unchanged for an agreed period.

A group of vehicles used by the organization.

Flexible budget
A budget that changes depending on the volume or activity being changed