How to play Eurojackpot

Simply choose five prime numbers from 1 to 50 and two additional Euro numbers from 1 to 12. The Euro and prime numbers are drawn in separate pools of balls, so the same number can appear as both prime and Euro numbers.

You can select the numbers yourself, or you can use the “Quick Pick” feature when purchasing tickets to randomly generate a set of numbers. You can also use the Random Number Generator before purchasing a ticket to find a set of numbers you like. Choose whether you want to play on Tuesday, Friday, or both days of the draw. You need to buy your ticket before the set time.

Eurojackpot offers 12 prize levels, and anyone who guesses all five prime numbers and both Euro numbers in the draw will receive a share of the jackpot, which starts at €10 million. If no one guesses all the numbers in a draw, the jackpot goes on to the next draw until it reaches its limit of €120 million. Eurojackpot tickets can be purchased online or at any official point of sale in one of the participating countries. From the Eurojackpot review, you will learn how to play the lottery.

Play Eurojackpot online

Buying Eurojackpot tickets online is the easiest and safest way to play, as your tickets are stored in your online account and automatically checked for you. If you win a prize, you are notified immediately and your winnings are paid into your account, so you can withdraw them or use them to buy other tickets. Starting the game online is simple:

Open an online account with the lottery operator in your country;
Complete your account registration (this may include age verification);
Deposit the funds into your account;
Buy Eurojackpot tickets using your account balance.

Eurojackpot rules

The minimum jackpot for this game is €10,000,000 and the jackpot can grow to €120,000,000. If a player picks all 7 numbers correctly in 13 consecutive draws, the prize pool will be divided between the 11 lowest prize categories.

The player must select 5 numbers from 1 to 50 plus two additional numbers from 1 to 12. All 7 numbers must be selected correctly in order to win the jackpot. To win any prize, the player must select two main numbers and one additional number correctly.

Play Eurojackpot through a point of sale

If you live in a participating country, you can play Eurojackpot by buying tickets from official outlets. You will have playing cards available, on which you can mark the numbers you want to play. You will then give your playing card to the cashier and receive a ticket confirming your numbers and the draw (or draws) for which the ticket is valid.

You must keep your ticket in a safe place, as it serves as proof of your winnings if you win a prize. You must also sign the back of your ticket to prove you own the ticket and avoid legal disputes in case you lose the ticket and someone else tries to claim the prize.

Playing Eurojackpot in a non-participating country

If you're on vacation or live in a non-participating country, you can still buy Eurojackpot tickets. Visit the Playing Abroad page for more information.

Comparison of playing online vs. playing through a point of sale

The following comparison shows the differences between playing Eurojackpot online and buying tickets from official outlets.

Playing online:

  • Buying tickets wherever you are.
  • You can buy tickets whenever it's convenient for you.
  • Tickets are stored in your online account, eliminating the possibility of loss, damage or theft.
  • You will be notified in the event of any winnings without the need for verification, and in most cases prizes will be paid into your account.

Play through Point of Sale:

  • Tickets can only be purchased at official outlets.
  • Tickets may only be purchased during the opening hours of the point of sale.
  • Your printed ticket is the only proof of purchase. If your ticket is lost, damaged or stolen, it is unlikely that you will be able to claim your prize if you win.
  • You must check your ticket yourself and, if you win, return to the official point of sale to claim your prize.


Eurojackpot is a relatively new lottery. It was organized for the first time in 2012. Currently, many European countries participate in this lottery. Eurojackpot tickets can be purchased locally at lottery offices, where you must fill out a ticket. If you are not located in one of the countries where this lottery is sold. Eurojackpot draws are held every Friday.